School Bus Transportation

  • Missing or Incorrect bus information on your High School Student ID?

    Please email us at 

    We make updates daily. Your students can return to their school Security Office for a new ID that will reflect the change of information. 

    • If your child's bus is running late, call the First Student dispatch office directly at (603) 883-0251 to check the location of the bus.
    • If your child forgot something on the bus, call the First Student dispatch office directly at (603) 883-0251 to have the driver check the bus.
    • If you would like to request a change or have a question regarding your bus, email  

    Bus Information for High School students will be printed on their School ID, which they usually receive in October. Until this time, no pass is needed.  If you need to purchase a pass, please select the tab on the left:  

            "High School Bus Tickets"

    NOTE: If your student qualifies for free lunch, they are not required to pay, but you must email your child's name and proof of qualification to us at

    The Nashua School District, in partnership with First Student, work together to provide transportation for thousands of students across the city every day. Safety is our top priority for both the District and our transportation provider. Nationally, the transportation of children on school buses is one of the safest forms of transportation available.

    Maintaining good student behavior on the bus is critical to ensuring the safety of all students, and bus drivers and school administrators are charged with taking appropriate disciplinary actions if students do not follow the directions of the driver. We ask parents to reinforce with their children the importance of following the rules on the bus and listening to the directions of the bus driver. 

School Bus Information

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