Late Bus Information

  • Late Bus Schedules

    The following late bus routes serve middle and high school students after school dismissal but fewer buses cover a much larger area and stop at fewer bus stops. In some circumstances, students may have to walk a considerable distance from the nearest bus stop to their home.

    General bus route stops are listed below for each of the middle school and high school routes and yet the routes are flexible. The listed routes are simply to give an approximate time for a bus to traverse a neighborhood. It is not a master list of each individual stop. Bus drivers have the discretion to tailor bus stops based on the proximity of student riders to their neighborhoods.


    Select from the schools listed below:

    Elm Street Middle School Late Bus #1 and #2

    Fairgrounds Middle School Late Bus

    Pennichuck Middle School Late Bus

    North High School Late Bus #1 and #2

    South High School Late Bus #1 and #2