• Nashua School District 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

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    Overall our goals are to...

    1. Increase and monitor students' academic growth utilizing building-based and district-wide instructional supports.
    2. Cultivate a safe and nurturing learning and working environment.
    3. Overhaul the NSD professional development infrastructure.
    4. Increase frequency of strategic partnerships and community communications.
    5. Create a budget matrix that aligns district-wide priorities with future budget cycles.


    Our Vision: The Nashua School District will be the model for excellence in public education for our students, staff and community.

    Our Mission: The Nashua School District will educate the whole child to empower student success.

    Our Values: The Nashua School District values a passion for learning and the importance of integrity, trust, respect, empathy and tenacity.


    Nashua's plan for our school district is in full swing, shifting already from defining students' successes using data points to acknowledging students' successes through the lens of the whole child. We are shifting our teaching to focus on supporting a “growth mindset” in our students about how working hard and persevering in their studies leads to great accomplishment, ultimately instilling a love of learning.

    This shift is a result of your feedback. Many of you participated in 2018 in either a strategic plan focus group, survey or were a member of the strategic plan steering committee or leadership team. Your feedback made a difference, and is the impetus behind this shift, giving our work required focus for the next five years. Thank you for your support and good counsel.