• Nashua School District - Middle School Project

    The Nashua Board of Aldermen approved unanimously in late 2019 to bond $118 million to build a new middle school and renovate two existing middle schools. 

    Last fall Nashua School District completed the first phase of a major project to investigate education and infrastructure needs at our three middle schools: Elm Street Middle, Fairgrounds Middle and Pennichuck Middle Schools. The project’s focus is to improve the middle school experience and education for the students of Nashua at each of the three middle schools. 

    With Phase 1 complete, the Nashua Board of Education approved building a new middle school rather than renovate Elm Street Middle School. The vote was based on the findings of the Nashua Middle Schools 2019 Facility Analysis & Concept Design Report, conducted by Harriman.

    Earlier this year at the beginning of Phase 1 of the project, the Joint Special School Building Committee (JSSBC) hired Harriman of Auburn, Maine as the architectural firm for the project and Harvey Construction of Bedford, New Hampshire as construction manager.

    Harriman’s first task was to evaluate whether it would be more cost effective to renovate the current Elm Street Middle School or build a new middle school on property the City of Nashua owns in southwest Nashua. Harriman presented its findings in October 2019 and is linked below:
    Nashua MiddleSchools: Architectural Design Services for Middle School Construction and/or Renovations
    Harriman Architects
    November 2019


    Nashua Middle Schools: Facility Analysis & Concept Design Report
    Harriman Architects
    October 2019

    Section 1: Executive Summary
    Section 2: Facility Analysis
    Section 3: Programming Overview
    Section 4: Concept Design
Last Modified on July 28, 2023