• Students with Disabilities


    Each student’s special education team makes final decisions about how to transport a student to and from school each school day in order to meet education and transportation needs. It is important to note the special education team is responsible for identifying student equipment to meet both student transportation and safety needs. 

    Please note the following roles and responsibilities regarding the establishment of bus transportation for special education students: 

    Special Education Team 

    • The team determines specifics for bus transportation needs and writes those directions in a student’s IEP and, therefore, is responsible for updating changes to the IEP, if needed, and for communicating those changes to all school staff members involved.
    • The team will inform First Student about the student’s specific bus that meets transportation needs, once that is determined.
    • Students who have a current IEP already have specific instructions for transportation needs noted in the IEP.


    • Please call First Student (603) 883-0251 as soon as possible on a day when your child is not attending school. The staff at First Student will inform your child’s bus driver.
    • Parents need to communicate immediately changes in a child’s home address or changes in parent home address or primary or secondary phone numbers. Please write a note to your child’s teacher and the school’s front office staff. Maintaining current and accurate contact information is critical to effective communication. Please allow 2-3 days for new bus assignments to begin after the change has been made.
    • Parents are encouraged to contact their children’s teacher or a member of the special education team as soon as possible with questions or concerns about bus transportation.


    Please note that bus drivers are not involved in deciding a student’s IEP transportation needs.  Each students' special education team determines transportation needs.  The Director of Transportation will instruct the bus driver of the student’s needs after the bus is assigned.