• Key steps to identifying and placing a student in an ELL program:

    1. Student registers and parents/guardians complete the state-approved Home Language Survey (HLS).
    2. Trained school - district personnel review the Home Language Surveys and send the potential English Language Learners’ files to the District ESOL Coordinator.
    3. District ESOL Coordinator assigns a certified Testing Administrator to schedule a diagnostic assessment for each potential ELL identified. (State approved diagnostic screeners are: WIDA MODEL, WIDA Screener, and Kindergarten W-APT.)
    4. The testing Administrator sends the results of the screener to the District ESOL Coordinator.
    5. The District ESOL Coordinator notifies the parents/guardians of “screener” results. If the student is identified as an English Learner, a parental notification letter must be sent.
    6. The District ESOL Coordinator adds the ELL to the State ESOL Database in myNHDOE.
    7. For the specific details regarding the prescribed procedure, please refer to the NH ESOL Programs webpage: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program K-12.

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