Pre-Payment Information

  • Paypams will start taking payments for the 2020/2021 school year on August 20th.    PayPAMS
    The Nashua School District utilizes a computerized program that assigns an account number to each student. The program tracks each student's deposits and purchases.  Please pre-pay for your child lunches.  Parents are exptected to maintain enough money in their children's accounts to cover the cost of meals charged by their children. 
    • Deposits into the student's account may be made at any time directly to the lunch room cashier. Elementary schools normally designate Friday as their collection day and students should give their deposits to their teachers. A pre-payment envelope is sent home to elementary students each month with the menu. This should be filled out with the student's name, homeroom and grade, and returned to school with cash or a check enclosed to pay for lunch the following week.

    • Cash or check deposits are acceptable. Checks should note your child's full name in the memo section of the check. Please make checks payable to Nashua School Food Service. The City of Nashua charges a $25.00 fee for returned checks

    • Payments may be done online at PayPAMS. Please know that PayPAMS charges you $1.95 fee per payment transaction.   We encourage all parents to register their children on PayPAMS,  even if making payments with cash and check.  One can sign up for low balance mail notifications and view account purchases at no charge. Student activity is only displayed from the day the student is added to PAMS.  Data is available for 90 days.   

    • To be able to eat at a  middle school and a high school, students must have money in their lunch account or pay cash at the registers. Please review the School Board approved charging policy. 

    • A new pin number is assigned when students move to another school, including advancing to a middle school and a high school.  High school students scan their ID's at the register. 

    • All special diet forms must be submitted to Dahlia Daigle, Director of Food Services, and the attending school’s nurse.   
    • Students with food allergies must have a doctor's order for a special diet on file. These special diet forms are available as a link to this website.