Our Vetting Process

  • As part of our commitment to protect our staff and students. All of our applications and learning resources are carefully vetted before we allow their use in the classroom. There are many factors that go into whether an application is approved or denied including but not limited to factors such as:

    • Whether the data the application collects is being used for school purposes only
    • Whether the parent/guardian of the student may request delettion of student data
    • How the data they collect is stored

    All of this is done to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

    For further information you may view The Educator's Guide to Student Data Privacy

Requesting a New Online Resource

  • If you discover a new online learning resource, check to see if has been reviewed and approved for use below! If not, use the following link to request its use!

    Online Resource Request Form

Online Resource Library

- Approved for All Grade Levels

- Approved for High School Only

- Approved for Teachers Only

- Denied Approval

- Pending