Core Values

  • Accountability – Student-athletes are to follow the expectations set forth by the Nashua School District, their school, the Nashua Athletic department, and the sport-specific program in which they participate.

    Commitment – In order to make our teams the best they can be, coaches and student-athletes must be fully committed. Family, faith, and academics should be the only priorities that come before interscholastic athletics.

    Excellence – Every task, drill, practice, game, and homework assignment should be done with pride and excellence at all times; understanding that each individual’s level of excellence may be different.

    Responsibility – Student-athletes have a responsibility to be leaders amongst their peers. They have to demonstrate respect to their community, school, program, team, and self by behaving appropriately at all times. They are encouraged to excel in school and to make the right decisions in social settings and in peer groups.

    Sportsmanship – Student-athletes represent themselves, schools, families, and city. Unsportsmanlike behavior by students will have consequences.

    If these core values are instilled in our student-athletes, all of our programs will be successful. Our students will leave our programs prepared for college, career, and all aspects of life after interscholastic athletics.