• Nashua School District - Nursing Office

    Nashua High School North
    Nursing Staff

    Krista Provost-Tate, RN-BSN
    P:(603) 966-2826
    F:(603) 966-2827

    Kayla O'Brien, RN-BSN
    P:(603) 966-2825
    F:(603) 966-2827

    Here at Nashua High School North, our Nursing Office provides a variety of services.
    These services inlcude:

    • Illness and injury assessment
    • First aid
    • Medicine administration during the school day
    • Chronic medical condition management
    • Vision, and posture screening on an as needed basis with follow-up
    • Maintains cumulative health records, including monitoring vaccinations
    • General health/wellness education
    • Collaborative with local, regional, and state health agencies
    • Referrals and help to access out-of-school medical care
    • Assistance with health insurance for children and families