Diabetic Care

  • At NHSS we love our diabetic students. We work closely with students and family to ensure their needs are met. Every school year we require the following:

    • Parent consent forms for prescription and over-the-counter medications
    • Physician order that outlines the Diabetic management plan during school hours
    • Supplies such as Glucagon, insulin, pump supplies, syringes, glucose tablets and snacks. These can be housed in a small bin which we will keep in the office for the school year.
    • For students who are new to NHSS, a HIPAA form and Release of Information form should be filled out. This allows us to share your child's diagnosis with pertinent staff, and also allows us to contact their physician should any clarification be needed.

    All forms and supplies need to be updated and renewed annually EVERY school year. Please plan to get documentation filled out towards the end of the summer, and any new doctor orders should be obtained at this time as well. Diabetic supplies, medications and snacks can be stored in small containers and can be dropped off with the documentation in the nurse's office.