Medication Administration

  • Over-the-Counter (OTC)

    OTC medication administration requires parent authorization yearly. Please fill out the HOLD HARMLESS FORM - OTC and return it to the office. We have a limited supply of Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Antacid tablets, and Cough Drops that have been donated. If your child uses any of these on a regular basis, we ask that you please send in their own supply to keep in the office. Please find the pre-filled OTC form for medication available in the health office. 

    Please Note: We CANNOT administer without this form signed. Over-the-phone authorization is not allowed, per district policy.

    Prescription Medication

    In order to administer any PRESCRIPTION medication during school hours, the following paperwork must be completed:

    1. A written doctor's order/physician's statement
    2. An oral medication authorization form will need to be completed by parent/guardian (HOLD HARMLESS FORM - Prescription).
    3. All prescription medication must be brought in by parent/guardian in original pharmacy container/bottle with a pharmacy label stating the following:
      • Child's Name
      • Name of medication
      • Dosage instructions
    4. In addition, if your child uses a medication that they carry on their person (inhaler or EpiPen) we will need a letter from your child's physician stating that they are allowed to self-carry this medication.

    The above must be submitted to the Nurses Office before medication can be administered during school hours. Thank you for your cooperation.