• If your child is absent, you must contact the school and give the student's name and reason of absence.  We have an answering machine on from 4:00pm through 8:00am for your convenience during off hours on the (603) 966-2220 line.  If we do not hear from you, it is necessary for us to call you.  Remember, this is for your child's safety.

      Attendance Letters:
      Attendance and tardy letters are sent home to every student who has excessive absences/tardies.  Please refer to the District Parent/Student handbook for more information.

      Trip or vacation for your student:
      The Nashua School District would like to provide information for our parents who are unable to schedule extended family vacations outside of the school year.  Teachers will not be able to provide your children with work for the extended vacation leave.  Classroom teachers plan direct instruction and provide students with follow-up activities and work based upon the needs of the students within the classroom.  In addition, after 15 consecutive days of absenteeism, students will be removed from the enrollment within their current school.  Upon return, students may be reenrolled in the school in which they attended.  Class assignments will be based upon the numbers of students within the classroom at that time and other factors that the school administrators take into consideration.  School administrators will not be able to guarantee that your child will be reassigned to the same classroom teacher.