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New Middle School Update

August 1, 2022

Another month has passed since the naming of McCarthy Middle School. Since then, Harvey Construction has progressed with the initial paving of the access road with earthwork continuing. Ledge is being removed and being processed for export/use throughout the site. Essential water and drainage utilities are being installed while the building of the school foundation continues.

July 7, 2022

The Nashua Board of Education has named the new middle school after a former Nashua Board of Alderman who sadly passed away in the fall of 2018 while serving as the BOA President and as leader and supporter of several Nashua community and school projects. The photo above is a recent photo of the construction site of the new middle school. Currently, preliminary site work and earthwork continues, including a site access driveway to Buckmeadow Road. Concrete footing, foundation, and slab work are also underway in the portion of the building closest to Medallion Court.

Please click here for more information on the middle school project, which includes renovations at Fairgrounds Middle School and Pennichuck Middle School as well as the new middle school. If you have questions, please email