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2022 No Bell Awardee Announced

June 3, 2022

Congratulations to Greg Montine, Nashua HS South English teacher and recipient of the 2022 No Bell Award.

The Class of 2022 members of the Nashua HS South chapter of the National Honor Society selected Mr. Montine and made the announcement at senior assembly Thursday, June 2.

Each year the senior class members of the honor society vote for an outstanding teacher who leads students; communicates enthusiasm and respect for the subject taught; inspires students to develop a hunger for learning; and serves as a role model for students. The No Bell Award alternates annually between Nashua HS North and Nashua HS South.

Keith Richard, Nashua HS South principal, joined Esha Mukherjee, President, and Mithi Patel, Vice President, of the South chapter of National Honor Society, in presenting Mr. Montine a $7,500 cash award, made possible by an anonymous donor. The No Bell Award symbolizes a school bell without a hammer, as representative of the many positive efforts teachers like Mr. Montine, and the 26 previous recipients of the No Bell Award, make each day with their students that remain unknown.

Again, congratulations to Mr. Montine.