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Snow Days and Required School Days to Impact the Last Day of School

Because of three snow days during December 2019, the Nashua Board of Education and Superintendent Jahmal Mosley send this reminder that school cancellations are fulfilled by adding a school day in June. To date, the tentative last day of school is now Friday, June 19.

In keeping with our commitment to provide a high quality education, we want to remind families and staff members not only to plan vacations or celebrations outside the school-year schedule but also to allow up to 10 snow days to be added to the end of the academic year in June, possibly to Monday, June 29.

To reiterate, there is a possibility of the school year extending to Monday, June 29. Families and employees planning costly vacations and celebrations can avoid a conflict with the school/work schedule by booking these events outside the school-year calendar that includes the 10 make-up days.

Teachers provide a challenging curriculum in a deliberate progression, and we know that with your consideration and foresight, teaching will be maximized and our students will have the benefit of a full-year of learning with 180 school days.