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High School Bus Transportation


  • High school students in grades 9-12 living more than two miles from their assigned school who desire bus transportation shall be charged a fee as determined by the Board of Education.

  • Students eligible for free or reduced lunch will qualify for the same status for their bus ticket.  Those fees are listed below. If you are planning on riding the bus at any time during the school year, you must purchase a bus pass. 

    The responsibility for transportation shall rest with the parents when: 

    • The legal residence is less than two miles from their assigned school
    • The student is picked up or dropped off at an address other than their legal residence 
    • A parental request to attend a school other than their assigned school is approved

    Please Note:

    Bus Pass information will be printed on the student's school ID.  For that reason all bus tickets must be purchased before your student receives their school ID.  ID's will be given out after school picture day, as this is the photo that will be used on their ID.  

    Payments can be made online at Bus Pass. Please note that a fee of up to $4.00 may be charged.

    If you prefer to visit the transportation office, we are open from 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM Monday – Friday.  We accept cash or check, checks should be made out to the Nashua School District.

    If paying by mail, please make your check payable to Nashua School District and print the students’ name on the check.  Mail your payment to:

    Nashua School District
    Attn: Transportation Dept.
    141 Ledge Street
    Nashua, NH  03060 

    Bus fees are as follows:

    $65.00 Full-Year 

    $32.50 Semester Only

    $32.50 Full Year Reduced Lunch

    $16.25 Semester Only Reduced Lunch

    $0.00 Free Lunch


    If your bus information is missing or incorrect on your student ID please email  If there is an error, we will correct it so that you can obtain a new ID from your school's security office.