• September 2, 2020

    As we have shared with our parents, the Nashua School District is opening its school year on Tuesday, September 8 for all students, learning remotely. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our students will learn from home to be as safe as possible.

    To provide common understanding, there is a stark difference between learning remotely and home schooling:

               Remote Learning = Teachers from the Nashua School District teach enrolled students exclusively online

               Home Schooling = Children are no longer enrolled in the Nashua School District; Parents teach their children at home and are responsible for their children's education

    Here below are answers to questions parents often ask when deciding to withdraw and home school their children: 

    • School-based support services are not available, such as monthly visits with guidance counselors
    • Learning packets created, developed, and distributed to students by their school teachers are not available
    • If a parent home-schooling their children requests, schools can provide access to state and national assessments only
    • School text books or other curricular materials are available to NSD-enrolled students only
    • If a parent is home-schooling their children, school-based classes with specialists (library, art, music, physical education, and computer) are not available unless student is dually enrolled.
    • Online classes held via a teleconferencing service are available to NSD-enrolled students only

    If you have additional questions about the difference betweeen learning remotely and home schooling, please contact Kathleen MacIntyre of the NSD Office of Student Services and ELL at 603 966 1068.