• Open Enrollment Coming in May 2021 

    An Important Message to All Employees from NSD Human Resources Staff 

    Dear Employees,

    Because of school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nashua School District is using a different delivery method for Open Enrollment (OE)  documents this year. 

    You will receive your individual OPEN ENROLLMENT BENEFIT ELECTION FORM in an email. When you review your OE form, you will see that we did not include your current benefit enrollment data and contribution amounts this year in order to protect your privacy. Your current benefit information can be found on your pay check stub.  

    Keep in mind if you are not making changes, you do not need to return the OE form.

    We added fillable forms for each benefit (health, dental, vision, HSA, FSA and life insurance) to the school district website. Note documents are published and available for you to read in a column to the left.

    In consideration of protecting your personal information on the completed forms, we ask that you consider the following methods for submitting forms to HR. 

    1.  Interoffice Mail. This is only available if your work location is open and you are able to send interoffice mail. Our schools and offices are currently closed but are still receiving interoffice mail and USPS delivery.  There is also a mail slot located to the left of the front door at the Masse School Administration Building where walk-up mail is received daily.  Please mark any envelopes put into the mail slot as “Confidential – HR.”
    2.  US Postal Service (USPS). You can complete your forms and return them using USPS (NSD, 141 Ledge Street, Nashua, NH 03060, Attention HR). With this option, you may opt to include just the last four digits of social security numbers for you and your dependents.  This would require a follow-up phone call to provide the information over the phone so the full SSNs can be added to your forms by the Benefits Team (for NEW dependents only; we have the information needed for existing dependents with coverage) so your enrollment can be completed with insurance carriers. 
    3.  Online Portal.  Use WBS secure portal to complete health, dental, vision, FSA, HSA forms. This method would require the employee to download applicable form(s), complete and electronically sign the form, and then upload the form back into the secure portal to be retrieved by the Benefits Team for processing. Click here for how-to written instructions for using the portal. Click here for how-to video instruction for using the portal.

    If you have any questions or need help with forms, please contact the Benefits Team: Michelle Leonard, HR Manager, at 603-966-1075 or Kathy Linton or 603-966-1059.

    Thank you.

    NSD Human Resources Benefits Team