At-Home Learning: Chromebooks and Internet

  • March 25, 2020

    Although distribution day has passed, it is not too late to obtain a Chromebook for learning at-home, which will take place until at least Monday, May 4. Please reach out to your children's principals to learn how one may be made available to you.  


    March 21, 2020

    Dear NSD Families,

    Here is our plan moving forward to implement at-home instruction, starting Monday, March 23. 

    Student Technology Device Distribution from 11 am to 2 pm, Monday, March 23

    Our schools will open curbside technology pickup for students who do not already have an device. Receiving families most likely have already been notified via email from their school principal.

    Unfortunately, our loan supply is limited so we ask families in need to work with us with one device per household. Principals will be managing the distribution of Chromebooks and the completion of sign-out sheets on Monday at the main entrance of the schools listed below, according to the following timeframe and sites. Note some schools have been doubled up for distribution:

    Amherst Street Elementary School Pick-up Site for

                   Amherst Street Elementary School Students

                   Charlotte Avenue Elementary School Students

    Broad Street Elementary School Pick-up Site for

                   Broad Street Elementary School Students

                   Birch Hill Elementary School Students

    Brentwood Academy Pick-up Site for Brentwood Students

    Dr. Norman W. Crisp Elementary School Pick-up Site for Dr. Crisp Students

    Fairgrounds Elementary School Pick-up Site for

                   Fairgrounds Elementary School Students

                   Fairgrounds Middle School Students

    Ledge Street Elementary School Pick-up Site for Ledge Street Students

    Main Dunstable Elementary School Pick-up Site for Main Dunstable Students            

    Mount Pleasant Elementary School Pick-up Site for Mount Pleasant Students

    New Searles Elementary School Pick-up Site for

                   Bicentennial Elementary School Students

                   New Searles Elementary School Students

    Sunset Heights Elementary School Pick-up Site for Sunset Heights Students

    Elm Street Middle School Pick-up Site for Elm Street Students

    Pennichuck Middle School Pick-up Site for Pennichuck Students

    Nashua HS North Pick-up Site for Titans

    Nashua HS South Pick-up Site for Panthers

    Student Technology Help Desk

    If students are having issues with accessing Google Classroom online lessons, they should reach out to their teachers via cell phone or landline or through their principals. Their teacher or principal will fill out a help desk request and submit to NSD technology staff who will be able to resolve the issue.

    Teacher Schedules

    Teachers, working remotely, will be available during school hours to answer students' questions, typically replying within a day. Again, if a student is having issues with technology, reach out to your teacher who, in turn, will submit a help desk request.

    School Schedules

    All NSD staff are working remotely except essential Plant Operations staff. As of Tuesday, March 24, schools will be closed for deep cleaning; consequently, if you need to enter the school, please contact the school principal.


    Once again, thank you for your patience these next few days as we begin a new era in teaching and learning here at the Nashua School District. We are ready, and we want to be sure you all are ready too. 

    Be well and take care. 


    Jahmal Mosley

    Superintendent of Schools