At-Home Learning: Curriculum Resources

  • April 5, 2020

    Garth McKinney, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools, shares the document linked below for revised expectations for learning duirng school closure for our students in pre-kindergarten through grade 5.

    Expectations for Elementary Students (PreK-5)


    March 28, 2020

    At-home learning begins today, and will continue until Monday, May 4. Please continue to refer to these pages for additional information and resources about at-home learning. 

    This is a departure from the school and the classroom being the center of learning activity. Instead your home is now the classroom. Consequently, more than ever, the school and home partnership is vital to each student's success. We ask for your help in making sure the delivery of classroom lessons happens in the most conducive environment possible. Please make sure a dedicated space and reasonable time frame is set aside for learning each weekday.

    Again, thank you for supporting at-home learning. If you have specific questions, please email your school's principal

    The NSD Curriculum Team: At-Home Learning: Curriculum Resources

    Eureka Math Parent Resource

    The Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

    Expectations for Elementary Students (K-5)

    Expectations for Secondary Students (6-12)