• June 26, 2020

    The Nashua Board of Aldermen adopted a $332 million budget for the upcoming 2021 fiscal year, including the $114,603,735 school operating budget, on Tuesday, June 23. The Nashua Board of Education-approved operating budget increases the District's total operating budget by 2.25% over last year.


    May 2, 2020t

    The Nashua Board of Education approved 6-2 to increase the school district operating budget 2.25% for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. The total BOE-approved budget stands at $114,603,735.

    Dr. Mosley and Daniel Donovan, Chief Operating Officer, will present the Board-approved budget to the Nashua Board of Aldermen Budget Committee on Tuesday, May 19. If increases or decreases to the approved budget are recommended, the Nashua Board of Education will convene and review, as needed.


    February 6, 2020

    Last night Superintendent of Schools Jahmal Mosley and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Donovan presented to the Nashua Board of Education Budget Committee. Dr. Mosley is recommending a $115,231,735 operating budget for next fiscal year, a 2.81% increase over the current operating budget. 
    Click here for his presentation.

    In addition, please click here for a master schedule of upcoming Nashua Board of Education meetings devoted to budget development. Several meetings are devoted to presentations from school district departments:

    Thursday, February 13


    Plant Operations

    Nashua Technology Center (CTE)

    Tuesday, February 18

    English Language Learners

    Special Education

    Wednesday, March 4




    Dr. Mosley and Mr. Donovan will be working with the Board to craft a budget that reflects needs across many areas of the school district. To keep pace with the budget development process, click here for school district data and information pubished in an electronic notebook for your reference. Documents will be added as they become available.


    Like all Board meetings, budget committee meetings will be broadcast live on Nashua ETV.