Snowflake Bentley and Wonderful Winter Snow

Snowflake Bentley was a fascinating man with a passion for science and the snowflake.  To read more about Snowflake Bentley click on the hyperlinks below.  To help you do research, click on the Learning Log below.

Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley's Official Page Electron Microscopy of Snow Snow Crystals.Com More in Depth Biography of Wilson Bentley
  The Bentley Snow Crystal Collection  
Learning Log on Snowflake Bentley

More About Snow
Facts from National Snow and Ice Data Center NOHRSC Interactive Snow Information Snow Gallery-Photographs
  Q & A About Snow  
Learning Log on More About Snow

Quia Quiz - Snowflake Bentley
Create Snow Flakes
Snowflake Designer - 6 Sides
Make-a-Flake - A snowflake maker by Barkley Interactive

Games and more

Winter Menu, Games for Kids - Seasons

Make a Snowman! - Starfall

ABCya! Click and Drag - Make A Snowman

On-Line Jigsaw Puzzle - Snowflake

Dress a Snowman

Match the Snowflakes Memory Game Dress up these funny snowmen   Make a Snowman Scene

Lesson Plans

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