"Obadiah Comes Fourteen"  - History Alive! - Final Project

Group Essay Challenge:  Groups of 3 are assigned the following challenge:     

The publishers of the Social Studies textbook History Alive! have asked you to help them write their newest series.  They would like you to write a section for their 4th grade textbook that will teach students about Colonial Life.  You must prepare a chapter for the textbook, which will include an introduction, a body containing at least 3 paragraphs (Your topics may include:  chores, clothing, trades, education, transportation, farming,  bartering, currency, epitaphs, and a conclusion.)  You need to include visual aides or pictures to enhance your writing.  Be prepared to make a presentation to the publishers of History Alive!  In your presentation be sure to explain why it is important for students to learn about colonial life.  Your group will have three class periods to complete the assignment. Click below to see the grading sheet.

History Alive! - Grading Sheet

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