China - A Virtual Tour of The Yangtze and Three Gorges

      There are many things that Dr. Novak and I are going to see while cruising on the Yangtze.  Do take a look at the website for our river cruise  Viking River Cruises China Yangtze River Cruises.  What do you think of Viking Century Sky?
      Take a look at the two pictures at the top of this webpage. Photo Album Two - Germany  Do you think the cabin on this ship will be bigger than the compartment on the train Dr. Novak and I traveled on from Hungary ?  I hope so.  I know my face was almost into the ceiling of our railroad car.  I will tell you more when I actually get into our cabin. 
      Please do the learning log below to learn more about the Three Gorges Dam.  I am going to be very interested in seeing the dam. 

The Learning Log on the Three Gorges

Chronology of Three Gorges Project Great Wall Across the Yangtze
The Three Gorges Project A Brief Introduction CNN - Visions of China - Asian Superpower China's Three Gorges Dam
BUILDING BIG Databank Three Gorges Dam Ed Link Minute Cost-Benefit Analysis Three Gorges Dam
Beauty, the Land of China - Chang Jiang China's Three Gorges Dam, by the Numbers
BBC The world's water hotspots Viking River Cruises  China Yangtze River Cruises
Generic Lesson Plan for Doing Learning Logs
Lesson Plan for China - Virtual Fieldtrip 2006 - 2007

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