China - A Virtual Tour of Beijing

     I am not exactly sure HOW I will be feeling by the time Dr. Novak and I arrive in Beijing.  I think I maybe rather tired and overwhelmed with all we have seen.  I am glad that we are staying an extra day after the tour ends.  I need some quiet time to just walk around Beijing and feel what the city is like. 
      More than any other places on this trip, I have wanted to see Beijing (known as Peking when I was a child), the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.  I hope the crowds of people are not too bad.  Everything that I have read says that these places can be very crowded.  I do NOT like crowds of people. 
      On our first Virtual Fieldtrip to France, we went to Mont St. Michel (another place I always wanted to see).  It was very beautiful and all I thought it would be until I got into the narrow streets with crowds of people pushing and pressing against me.  I started to panic.  Finally, I turned to Dr. Novak and said we had to leave.  All the joy of the visit was lost to me. 
      I will try to be very brave about crowds of people while in China. This will be difficult for me. Sometimes it is very hard to be brave about things that scare you. Have you ever been scared of something?
       To learn more about Beijing and the Forbidden City, please complete the learning log below.

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