Welcome to Standards-based Grading

September 2016

The Nashua School District utilizes a standards-based report card for students in grades K-5. 

A standards-based report card displays detailed information about a student. It reports a student's strengths, as well as areas in which he or she needs to continue to focus for improvement. 

Progress is reported using the following symbols:      
M         Meets end-of-grade level standard
P         Progressing toward end-of-grade level standard
B         Beginning to progress toward end-of-grade level standard with support
        Not yet demonstrating progress toward end-of-grade level standard
*          Standard introduced but not yet assessed
         Not addressed at this time

Please note teachers score math and language arts according to end-of-grade expectations. Social studies and science are based on trimester expectations.

A score of B (Beginning to progress) while learning a new skill or concept is appropriate. A score of P (Progressing) is to be celebrated. A score of M (Meets) indicates a strength and that a student has met the end-of-grade/quarter expectations in that area. In addition, parents should not be surprised to see areas that are introduced but not yet assessed (*) and not yet being addressed (/).

If a student exceeds grade level expectation, the teacher will note success in the comment section of that subject area. Many of the standards in language arts and math are not addressed until the second or third trimester. With the depth of knowledge required, we do not expect students to attain an M in most standards for math and language arts until late in the school year.

ample report cards and parent information documents for each grade are posted to the right. In addition, you will find additonal information to help you better understand the shift last year to standards-based grading. 
As always, honest, on-going conversations between parents and teachers with students about their progress in school is important. Some concepts and skills are more difficult to grasp than others but, given time and motivation, students will be successful. Learning is a process that needs to be respected.
The Nashua School District values a reporting system that allows students and their families to understand grade level progress as accurately as possible, in order to develop targeted goals with their teachers for continuous growth.