Doris Hohensee has a bachelor's degree in mathematics and worked in the computer industry before moving to New Hampshire in 1979. She has lived in Nashua for 33 years before joining the Nashua Board of Education in January 2016.

Doris has been an education activist since 1990, becoming very familiar with New Hampshire state laws and regulations as well as the federal initiatives that affect our schools. She has worked with state legislatures to pass legislation protecting teachers, parents and local control.

A strong supporter of public education, Doris will work to ensure every student attending Nashua schools receives the best possible education. She understands that schools are not factories; education can't be systematized; learning can't be centrally planned. A good education empowers a student without undermining his or her own innate enthusiasm and love of learning. Students and the classroom should be our primary budgetary concern. Doris will work to improve communication within the District and transparency in the decision-making process, including the District's fiscal operations.

Doris Hohensee has been married for 37 years and is the mother of six children, all of whom were home schooled and later attended Nashua public schools.

Term Expires: December 31, 2019
Address: 15 Swart Terrace, Nashua, NH 03064
Phone: (603) 305-9772