Finance and Operations Committee

The Nashua School District Finance and Operations Committee is tasked with overseeing and recommending modifications to the expenditure of funds and the operations related to the physical plant.
Major Contracts related to District expenditures:
  • Bus Contract
  • HVAC Maintenance:
  • Copier Maintenance:
  • Electricity:
  • Natural Gas:
  • Water:

Construction & Building Improvements:
  • Capital Improvements Projection (5-year):
  • Deferred Maintenance Projection
  • CTE Capital Equipment Inventory and Replacement Schedule
  • Athletics Major Equipment Inventory and Replacement Plans
  • Stellos Stadium

Financial Reports, Transfers, etc:
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Monthly Transfer Reports
  • Credit Card Report (timeframe?)
  • Facilities Study (2009)

SPED Services/Contracts:
  • Out of Disrict Placement
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