February 15, 2018

On January 31, Superintendent of Schools Jahmal Mosley recommended a 3.4% increase in the operating budget for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year to the Nashua Board of Education budget committee. His recommendation asks for a more than $3.6 million increase in funding over last year's $106,687,405 operating budget.

Please click here to view his presentation.

Earlier this year, Mayor James Donchess sent a memorandum to Dr. Mosley and the Board of Education. Please click here to read the 1.3.2018 memo, which asks all divisions to keep to a 2.1% increase in their fiscal year 2019 budget recommendations.

The Nashua Board of Education budget committee and Dr. Mosley will be leading budget development efforts during February and March, with a meeting scheduled for public comment at 

7 pm, Wednesday, March 14
at Nashua HS North board room/lecture hall

For a master calendar of the upcoming budget committee meetings, please click here.

To date, the following administrators have presented on their department's work:

February 7
      Special Education
      Student Services and English Language Learners

February 14
       After School Programs
       Career and Technical Education
       Plant Operations

The school district will continue to publish additional information in a budget notebook about the operating budget as it becomes available over the course of the next few months.